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How to Eliminate Unsightly Wires in the Workplace

At Valhalla Integration, we believe that a design-conscious, state-of-the-art office is key to a successful business. We heavily vet all of our products to ensure they promote focus and efficiency in the workplace.   One of our top leading-edge products for office design is Connectrac, an award-winning floor-mounted wireway system that allows for power, data […]


The Latest Commercial Technology for Conference Rooms and Collaboration Spaces

Technology can be overwhelming. Neverending updates, new versions: Make it simple by streamlining your business with Custom Collaboration Technology. When technology falls behind your business slows down. One-size-fits-all A/V solutions are no longer a viable choice for today’s modern workspace. It’s time to implement a custom system that integrates with how your company works. The […]


How Conference Room Automation Can Help Your Business

As technology becomes more and more prevalent in our lives, it also becomes a bigger part of our businesses. However, between all the systems—phones to lighting control and video conferencing—modern meeting rooms have become a tangle of wires instead of efficient collaborative spaces. The solution to today’s communication and collaboration challenges? Thoughtfully designed conference room […]