How to Eliminate Unsightly Wires in the Workplace

At Valhalla Integration, we believe that a design-conscious, state-of-the-art office is key to a successful business. We heavily vet all of our products to ensure they promote focus and efficiency in the workplace.  

One of our top leading-edge products for office design is Connectrac, an award-winning floor-mounted wireway system that allows for power, data and AV cabling to be discreetly delivered anywhere in an office.

Here are five reasons we recommend outfitting your office or conference space with Connectrac:

1. Fits the Specific Needs of Your Office

With three application options—Under Carpet, In Carpet and On Floor—you can choose the option that best suits your company’s budget and time constraints.

Under-Carpet Wireways accommodate power cable management beneath carpet tiles, making wires virtually invisible.

In-Carpet Wireways are positioned between carpet tiles, with a sleek top cap that provides easy cabling access.

On-Floor Wireways is installed on top of any type of flooring, and is ideal for offices focused on flexibility, value and a speedy installation.

2. Eliminates Core Drilling

Connectrac eliminates the needs for core drilling—an invasive, costly process where a hole is drilled into a building’s concrete foundation and wiring is run through an in-ground conduit. Connectrac wireways sidestep the extensive labor, time and costs associated with drilling.

3. Discrete, Elegant Design

Traditionally, wiring in large, open-concept offices hangs from the ceiling or runs atop the floor. Connectrac’s ultra low-profile design is virtually hidden, which eliminates the distraction of exposed cables and results in a well-designed space that promotes focus.

4. Conference Room Capabilities

The heart of the office, the conference room is often the hub for presentations, conference calls and company-wide meetings that require multiple technology sources. Connectrac’s wireway fits three wires inside (for data, power and AV cabling) so you can easily and inconspicuously run TV wires from the wall to conference room table.

5. Safety First

Tangles of cords on an office floor can be a hazard for trips and falls. Each Connectrac product offers a safe cable-management solution that is compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).
Want to add Connectrac’s cable management solutions to your workplace? Contact us today.

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