QMotion Control

Finally, the luxury and safety of automated shades, completely free of cords and wires, are accessible to everyone.  QMotion shades give you total control over daylight in your home without the need to run wires or look at unsightly power supplies.

QMotion created the first automated shades featuring a patented manual override and is the only automated window treatment company offering products that can be operated by hand, remote or iPhone/iPad/Android device.

  • QMotion Advanced Shading Systems deliver a simple and sophisticated automated shade that offers both ease of use and dependability. Choose from shades in a wide range of colors and styles, with a bevy of options. All automated roller shades can be controlled via remote control, smart phone or tablet, or with QMotion’s exclusive manual override feature.
  • QMotion Advanced Shading solutions provide you with the elegance of roller and honeycomb shading at a fraction of the price of more expensive alternatives.
  • QMotion automated shades are powered by a low voltage power supply or an internal pack of standard D-cell batteries.
  • Q-Motion’s dual shade system allows users to choose a combination of two shades on the same window. Often used with a light filtering fabric in the front and with a room darkening fabric closest to the glass, QMotion dual shades are an excellent way to double treat a window in a small space.

Automation is meant to make life easier. QMotion motorized blinds and electric shades can easily be integrated into a home or office control system. This level of functionality means that full project automation is as easy as it should be! With a growing list of integration partners, it does not get much easier to integrate QMotion electric shades in your project. At Valhalla by Residential Systems, Inc., we have experience integrating Qadvanced automated shades with all of the leading home automation systems including Savant, Control4 and more.

Contact Valhalla by Residential Systems, Inc. for a free QMotion consultation and learn how QMotion shades  can bring your home to life!

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