Lutron Lighting Control Systems

Lighting affects your mood and the way the world around you looks.  With a Lutron lighting control system from Valhalla by Residential Systems, Inc. you can control the lighting in your entire home in an easy-to-use fashion.

Lutron has been the world leader in lighting control systems for over sixty years.  At Valhalla by Residential Systems, Inc. we are proud to partner with Lutron to deliver this product to our clients.

Benefits of a Lutron Lighting Control System:

  • Whole-home systems like Homeworks and RadioRA2 make it easy for a homeowner to dim the lights throughout the home, creating the perfect ambiance and saving energy at the same time.
  • Seamlessly control all the lights in your home from an iPad, iPhone or Android device.
  • Program an “Away” setting that automatically adjusts every room in your house to your preferred setting when you are not at home.
  • Program a “Vacation” setting that replicates your daily routine.  The system will turn lights on and off throughout the evening, just as you would, giving your home a lived in look and feel.
  • Press a single button to illuminate a pathway from your bedroom to move easily and safely throughout your home at night.
  • Create a safe path of light in and around your home to welcome you when you pull into your driveway at night.
  • Use the Lutron keypads to control automated shades and set up environments that optimize shades and lighting.
  • Save energy by installing occupancy sensors to ensure lights are turned off when rooms are unoccupied.

Lutron’s patented wireless technology even allows you to install a whole-home lighting control system without retrofitting wires or rewiring your home.

A Valhalla lighting control solution allows you to do so much more than using an iPad to control the lights in your home. With Valhalla and Lutron, your home is more welcoming after time away and the safety of your family and your belongings is increased.  Energy savings can be gained by dimming lights and using occupancy sensors to ensure lights are not left on when they are not needed.

Click here to read about a recent Lutron installation that was completed by Valhalla Residential Systems, Inc.

Contact Valhalla by Residential Systems, Inc. for a free in-home consultation and learn how Lutron automated lighting can bring your home to life!

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Lutron Lighting Demo Site

Click here to visit the Lutron Lighting Control Demo site and learn more about Lutron Lighting solutions.

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